Our Story – Kotuku Elixir Bar & Superfood Store

Kotuku Elixir Bar & Superfood Store located in Divinitree Yoga Studio  is brings essence-rich Herbal Elixirs and Superfood laden drinks & foods to Downtown Santa Barbara.

Drawing on Chinese Tonic Herbalism, Kotuku explores innovative ways to present time honoured recipes and formulas to meet the needs of modern people. Kotuku offers drinks and foods which are based more on inspired household recipes than medical herbal traditions with some inspiration from more esoteric alchemical elixirs.

China has a long history of preparing foods rich in phyto-nutrients, minerals and active ingredients to supplement peoples diets and increase vigor and the ability to cope with life. Kotuku’s offerings consist of staples from these traditions.

Teas, Elixirs, Soups, Juices, Congees, Tinctures, Fermented Foods, Live Foods & Local Organic Foods are served to sustain people and boost their vitality.

Kotuku Elixir Bar is inspired by the amazing time which we are living in. Many of the treasured foods from around the world are available for us all if we know what to look for. Legendary herbs and foods which cultures around the world have prized.

When we can learn how to include them in our everyday lives, the benefits can be truly immense.

Kotuku offers a carefully selected range of super foods and tonic herbs. We work closely with local companies such as Mattole Valley Naturals & Sun Potion to bring the very best in life enriching foods super foods.  Master Herbalist Ron Teegaurden’s superb Dragon Herbs form the basis of our Herbal Elixirs and Tonic Drinks

We hope to help people seize the opportunity to explore bringing these amazing  foods and herbs into their lives.

Owner Olly Lithgow draws on his childhood eating fresh organic vegetables in New Zealand and and working in restaurants around the world . His fascination with Taoist philosophy and Chinese wellness practices as well as yoga has led him to a place where he is excited to share some of the most nutrious food possible.

Kotuku is the Maori name for the White Heron, A bird rich in symbolism in China it is associated with peace & longevity In ancient Egypt it represented the transformation of the coarse base material of earth into the transcendent & etheric. They can also often be seen along the beaches of Santa Barbara. These myriad connections fired our imaginations and gave an inspirational name to Kotuku Elixir Bar. We hope to share something of the grace which these birds represent